bees in the meadow

poems and stories from the in-between

Month: May, 2017

from my journal

sometimes I journal. in little breaths, in small, stolen moments, misty-heart-whispers. today, there was this…


today I saw that Love is a balm. it is gentleness when anger wants to rise. patience when irritation reigns. it’s the lens of Truth. it’s the clouds parting to a clear heart. letting Love come forth, letting it lead, is a sweet releasing of tension. a lessening of pain. 

how can I make Love present in more of what I do? when I’m looking in the mirror. when I’m facing a task. when I make a mistake. when someone else does. when the world wearies me. when I’m all topsy-turvy, crooked and cynical. when the view is gray. when there is overwhelm. when I feel hungry. lonely. tired. in the flow. out of flow. when I can’t find God (oh, but G o d   i s  L o v e). used up. spent. energized and brimming. when there is too much. when all I can think is “not enough”. how can I stop, let my heart open, gently now, just a crack?

Love: this is how we let the Light in. 

this is how we see the lessons, the treasure in the now. 

this is how we see the gifts. 

they were there all along, but Love is the light that illuminates. 

Love is awakening. 


you wouldn’t say these things

if you knew.

if you could feel the ripping of my heart,

the breaking of its tender places,

you’d be still at last.

you would not cut me with your eyes

sink me to size

if you felt one pin-prick of my pain.

if you knew, you’d let alone.

you’d dance into the night like a shadow

and sip your own poison

for a change.

the beloved

think of your beloved.

think of the ones who bring sweetness

to your life, who lay blessings

upon your table day

after day

after day.

would you spit these bitter words at them?

the words that run rampant in your head,

filling your mind with fury-fog,

breaking your heart?

would you say to a dear one

you are weak,

unwanted, unworthy?

or would you cradle the weight on their chest,

maybe try to lift

some of it away?

would you, with a gentle word,

remind them of their beauty,

their purpose,

the miracles that brought them here?

think of your beloved.

now turn the mirror

to you.