hullo. 🙂

I’m Rae, and this is my writing. I hope you like it. If you don’t, I hope your day is lovely anyway and that you find solace in some other corner of cyberspace. do people still say “cyberspace”? Ah, well.

Anyway, this corner is a safe place for any weary dreamer occasionally given to melancholy.

There will be poetry, musings, stories, some things spiritual, lists, and the words that arrive unbidden, like shells you find on the beach.

Let’s start with a confession: I was going to wait. Wait to start a blog until I became perfect, and shining, and whole. Well, I’ve been waiting, and lo, perfection is absent. So here I am: flawed and broken and in love. In love with life, with people, with words, with music, with Spirit.

Every day I have a thousand dreams. Every day, God shows me something I didn’t expect to find. There are revelations tucked in the folds of moments. Even brokenness can be a prayer.


Let’s pretend this is a little house, wrapped around with pine trees, all covered in vines, for you and I to sit in together, thinking quiet thoughts and filling up our hearts while out there, beyond the orange moon, the world goes on.

Maybe we’ll feel better when we go back to it. Maybe we’ll be better having felt something, having made something, having seen.